ColorIT - coloring book 2018 for adults & Mandala
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  •         have fun Coloring pages with our best mandala coloring book for adults and children. Coloring Mandalas gives you relaxtion and concentration and lower the stre...

ColorIT - coloring book 2018 for adults & Mandala

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have fun Coloring pages with our be [详情]

have fun Coloring pages with our best mandala coloring book for adults and children. Coloring Mandalas gives you relaxtion and concentration and lower the stress. choose in this coloringMe adults and kids select screen one of three modes of beautiful painting and coloring Magic or normal mode or the free mode. then choose the style you loved to color . and when you finish you can share it with your friends. Mandala Coloring Book is a free app and does not require any internet connection. Why the colouring game ColorMe? * Kids and Adults colouring pages contains more than 120 Adults colouring pages in mandala section there is oriental designs 10 pictures for couloring * Animals mandalas couloring : there is more than 10 animals there beautiful elephant and butterfly and cute cat and owl and a bunny and a bear and a fish and lion and more great ones. * floral section with magical colouring pages with ten pics. * greating coloring Proverbs like : be my love valentine and get well soon have a great day and Marry Xmas , Happy Mother's Day and more speechs. * World Mandalas section and there you coulor the countries names and Statues like New York and China and Paris and more couloring pages there. * Share your sketch with family and friends of Instagram , Facebook and on other social apps. * All of the Adults colouring pages are for free. * Release the stress and feel better * allow yourself some precious moments of childish joy and happiness and unleash your inner creative and genius with vibrant and harmonic couloring pages! * and you can Color your most memorable photo! and make coloring games with your family and friends * you can use it as Coloring Pages for Surprise Dolls. * Forget about your daily stress and let ColorMe be your new personal therapist * memorable style of Coloring Book for Ladybug & Cat Noir and more Animals and insects. * save and share the pictures that you creat with this colouring book app with your community. so start using this app and start coloring life with it . after you finish your great job with the tools in colouring pages and stufs don't forget to share your masterpieces colouring pages and blow your friends mind with this mandala pages painting pictures. and more thing you can know that Coloring pages by number pages are a great way to teach your kids or students basic number recognition and kids love to colouring so let them do it . By downloading this application, you agree to the Apalon Apps End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.


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