College Love Story Teenage First Crush
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  •         Finally, school days are over and every girl wants to make her first college day most memorable & enjoyable. In this College a true Love Story game, Lisa has ma...

College Love Story Teenage First Crush

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Finally, school days are over and e [详情]

Finally, school days are over and every girl wants to make her first college day most memorable & enjoyable. In this College a true Love Story game, Lisa has many dreams to accomplish in her new phase of life. So get ready to enjoy the college love story from friendship to love while completing the tons of different romantic levels in this love story game. Early Morning Activities: First of all, waking her up and getting her ready for the special day by completing different morning activities like Tap on the alarm & wake her up, Give her refreshing bath, Add some flower petals into the bathtub and much more. Spa Treatment for College Girl: Don't forget to give her relaxing spa treatment using a different face mask and natural cream. Wow, she feels so good after this treatment and her skin looks perfect for the special day. Thank you. Makeup in Salon Game: There would be lots of fashionable girls in the college. So, it's necessary for her to look different from others so you have to give her gorgeous look by selecting makeup like an eyebrow, a pair of earrings, eye lenses, nice shade of the lipstick, blusher, eye shadow, beautiful necklace and much more. Dress-up for Girls: Next, choose an attractive dress up like a nice dress, beautiful pair of Shoes, earrings, necklace, pretty purse, bracelet and give her the best look for her first day of college. Introduction with New College Friends: It's time for college & introduces you to your college friends and knows about college. Enjoy interesting conversation with college friends and get ready for first love. Have a fun in Classroom: In the college, John needs your help to impress Lisa so you have to help him be performing tons tasks like writing the message for Lisa (I love you), (I miss you), (I kiss you), Join the interesting conversation between John & Lisa, Make a paper plane and much more naughty fun in the love affair game. Play Sports Games: Play tons of Sports Games like Volleyball, Basketball at College Ground. Let's see how interesting turns match will take in this true college love story game for girls & boys. Teasing: Lisa just finished her class and she is waiting for her friends in the lobby, They are planning to go to library for group study and John's classmates are teasing Lisa. Fight for Love: Oh.. Lisa is upset because John, classmates have teased her. Now it's time to do the fight with stupid guys who teased Lisa. Hospital View: John needs some inevitable treatments after a fight, Use tweezers, cotton, bandages and much more medical tools to treat john in the hospital. Apply the bandage. Apply the plaster on the fractured part. Enjoy Love Chatting: After a tiring day, you can enjoy a casual chatting on messenger between Lisa & John. John ask Lisa for a date and plane for dinner. Dress-up for Boys: John wants to look cool on the love date, so let's him in this salon game to choose an outfit, funky T-shirt, sunglasses, nice hair style, jeans, footwear and much more. Hurry John don't want to be late for the dinner date. Love date at Restaurant: Finally, it's the most awaited evening for John and Lisa, they will enjoy the romantic dinner date and are going to spend quality time with each other. John is in love with Lisa and going to say, what's there in his heart. He is going to propose Lisa on his knees. OMG Lisa accepts John proposal and they enjoy kissing with each other in this love crush game. Play and enjoy this romantic love crush game from dream to reality and share it with your best friends and family members.


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