Car And Furious - Crash Car
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  •         Run away from the bad guys and survive as long as possible. Do you like to drive fast with no one holding you back? You can! Drive race cars onto extreme stunts...

Car And Furious - Crash Car

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Run away from the bad guys and surv [详情]

Run away from the bad guys and survive as long as possible. Do you like to drive fast with no one holding you back? You can! Drive race cars onto extreme stunts in a whole new driving world! Experience the biggest, fastest drifts, and gain top speed in the car game. Choose your drift car, customize it and start drifting, chase. Car Game Features: - Different race cars to play with. Including a monster car! - You can crush the devil car in this speed game - Cool graphics and smooth realistic physics simulation - Car racing free game & endless gameplay - Play anytime, anywhere - Custom missions and challenging race jobs - There is stimulating music at the backdrop of the extreme car driving game that enhances its racing dynamics with its rhythm and ecstasy! How to gameplay: - In car game, your job as can be like a traffic driver and explore the open world. Make your choice between city cars, offroad cars, and speed cars. Join this amazing real drift racing game, feel the roar of the engine and the increase in adrenaline. Show your superb driving skills, and feel the passion of fast racing to bring you. Avoid crashes, take down cars, pick up power-ups and walk to the top of the leaderboard. Tip: Nothing will stop you from burning the rubber on the streets. All races take place off the grid, away from the traffic, so you can get crazy with burn out, plow the asphalt and race with no limits. This game is unique for its easy, simple and family-friendly control. Don’t forget that such racing games are one of the best game genres to play with your whole family or alone for learning new skills such as problem solving, quick decision making, creative and flexible thinking, fine-motor and working-memory skills, self-control and hand-eye coordination. If you like a racing game, download CAR AND FURIOUS - CRASH CAR now, totally free of car game. The current version does not represent the final quality of the game as we will keep optimizing existing content and adding new features If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service at: [email protected] Get ready to chase race car in a racing game.


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