CAPTN - The football prediciton game
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  •         Swipe to become the CAPTN! CAPTN is the football prediction and quiz game for your smartphone. We are more than Oracle Paul the Octupus. We want your prediction...

CAPTN - The football prediciton game

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Swipe to become the CAPTN! CAPTN is [详情]

Swipe to become the CAPTN! CAPTN is the football prediction and quiz game for your smartphone. We are more than Oracle Paul the Octupus. We want your predictions for the game and your football knowledge in the Daily Quizzes. Set your answers before the match starts and achieve points during the match in real time. Choose the light version by going just for the result or be a pro and swipe through all the questions. It's your decision! You can play on your own or start your private CAPTN group and challenge yourself with friends, family, colleagues or other CAPTNs. SPREAD THE LOVE Facebook: captnfootball Instagram: captn_football HOW IT WORKS: ALL FREE. ALL-IN. We offer CAPTN for free because we want to make it a unique app experience for all the football fans around the world. To get your gambling heart beatin' even faster, there are coins to win to unlock individual boosters. You can double the points of your guess with them and boost yourself to the top of the tops. Coins can be also earned in the Daily Quizzes or purchased via in-app purchases. This will keep CAPTN always a free app and enables us to make it a little bit better every day. PREDICTION & QUIZ With CAPTN you get the full load of football. In the Daily Quizzes you have to answer entertaining questions about football - on and off the pitch - loads of fun facts are waiting for you. Before the matches you can guess: “Who will take the first strike?” or ”Will a player be kicked off the field?“ Swipe through all the questions super quick and collect points with every correct answer. Live! LIVE VIEW. LIVE RANKINGS This will make you scream! After you've answered all questions - on the train, at the office or on the couch - you can watch the live ratings in the app. Look what your friends guessed and keep track of who's up front. Be the champion or the looser. What happens on the pitch will affect your individual points. Live and kickin'! CREATE OWN GROUPS Playing together is the best. Create groups with friends, colleagues or your family super easy. Set up your group only for an actual match, all specific team matches or for the entire tournament. You can find your friends on Facebook, your phone book or simply invite them via WhatsApp, SMS or e-mail to your group. PLAYERS CARD The Players Card will make you a football poster boy soon. It's your personal football sticker album. Here you can show off: Hat-trick and Champions Trophies. Pimp your Players Card and push your average points with cracking performances. THE GAME WE LOVE We developed CAPTN with the pure love for football. We want to create a unique exciting app for the game that we all love. Right on your phone. We look forward to every new CAPTN and work with our passionate team to create a new, unique football experience for you. Thanks for being part of it! HINTS For the prediciton game and the live feed we use data from our partner and market leader for football statistics OPTA. For this and for your registration an internet connection is necessary. Your privacy is important to us. Therefore everything is encrypted with SSL. For problems, opinions and questions you can send a note any time: [email protected] We′ll get in touch with you very quick! Our privacy policy: Our terms and conditions: Football can be addictive!


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