Bus Simulator: City Bus Racing Game 2018
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  •         Bus Simulator: City Bus Racing Game 2018 A mega bus city simulator to be a futuristic bus driver of this bus drive 3D This bus driving game is a fun filled ad...

Bus Simulator: City Bus Racing Game 2018

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Bus Simulator: City Bus Racing Game [详情]

Bus Simulator: City Bus Racing Game 2018 A mega bus city simulator to be a futuristic bus driver of this bus drive 3D This bus driving game is a fun filled adventure bus simulator 2018 that will teach you how to drive a real public transport bus in a big city environment. Surrounded by towering shopping malls and community parks all around, the game revolves around picking -up passengers from their respective bus stops and dropping them off to their destination. The realistic city views topped up by the sea blue sky and lush green grass presents a picture perfect imagery of a city bus drive. Rather than that, the gigantic modern busses fueled by a high power simulation engine truly makes this bus game 2018 worth it. Serving as a new entertaining game, this real monster bus game will let you get out of the common trend of mega ramp and impossible track games, ultimately, providing you an opportunity to calm your nerves. Forget about the racing mania, forget about the speed challenge, and try getting out of the charm of extreme burnout chases. Enjoy a bus adventureland of pick and drop bus service where your task is to let the passengers reach their destination in time. Compatibility: This app is compatible with android 4.1 or above on all android devices including phones, tablets and android wear. FEATURES ? Easy to play ? Dozens of exciting master tricky levels ? Smooth controls ? Engaging realistic graphics ? HD sound effects ? Colorful environment ? Soothing views ? Eye catching animations ? Checkpoints to never let you go out of way ? A real asphalt road bus driving experience to let you polish your heavy bus driving skills by driving a real bus on a two-way road that constantly caters to cars, bikes and cycles ? Luxurious modern busses ? High-way tracks and bridge drive to experience hill climbing drive ? Points rewarded at the completion of each level Drive responsibly as if you are actually a bus rider whose responsibility is to safely drop off the passengers to their respective destinations. Follow the checkpoints and do not go out of way. Maintain the speed of your double decker bus and be-aware of sudden grand jumps that might make you fly bus over the high-way tracks, making the drive much less safe. Get hold of the race, brake, left and right controls and pass by the levels one after the other by keeping an eye on the timer that constantly warns you of how much time is left to complete this level of bus driving simulation game. Fear nothing but enjoy this all new driving mania of a city bus that roams around in your city. Get the most out of the scenic beauty of the city us simulator and relive the day to day hustle and bustle of city life that you observe outside your home on a daily basis. Here is your chance to say no to thrill and crazy madmax speed madness of drift stunt racing game and get your hands on a comparatively calmer driving mayhem that serves to be an entertaining bus driving game, effectively killing your free time and boredom. Be your own rival rebel competitor and break your own records. Note: Do not forget to drive carefully near the turns and near areas where there is more traffic and avoid a high speed drive. Fear the responsibility of putting other’s at a risk of losing their lives if you actually want to be a real best bus driver. Believe it or not, this bus driving grand jump GT bus game is the once that you have been looking for to calm your fidgets making you a skilled bus driver. Hurry up! Play this mega ramp bus driving mania to experience the charm of driving a bus in a busy city. Stay safe stay happy. Have a happy bus ride and tour the lavish streets and boulevards of a busy modern city in a modern city bus. For suggestions, queries, feedback and comments visit us at Appinator: Racing in Axis or email us at [email protected]


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