Bank Currency Factory: Money Maker Simulator 2018
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  •         Bank currency factory game is a new adventures journey of the money maker factory. In this money factory, you make the currency, coins, notes, bills and bank cr...

Bank Currency Factory: Money Maker Simulator 2018

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Bank currency factory game is a new [详情]

Bank currency factory game is a new adventures journey of the money maker factory. In this money factory, you make the currency, coins, notes, bills and bank credit cards for your country banks and then deliver to the whole city. So, get ready to play this currency simulator game and experience how to design, print and maintain the money maker factory. This bank currency factory game full of enjoyment and adventure of currency maker process. Money maker simulator game start from the jungle where you cut the trees for making currency papers. Trees are cutting down with the different tool which is available in the game store. First, you gather the tool like the axe and saw to cut the trees, after that, you cut the tree into small pieces. Truck transporter loud all the wooden pieces in the truck and transport to the money making factory. After reaching currency factory all the wooden pieces pour into the grinder which is the big container and add some chemicals in this large container grind the whole mixture. Pour mixture layer on moving conveyer belt and pass through specially designed press machine which makes the currency papers. In bank currency maker factory these paper pack in packing bags and deliver to next factory plant where its convert into the bank money. Most adventures part of this money maker simulator game starts at this level where you design the money maker printing currency plates. Play this note game and doing fun with the designing of printing plates, this entertaining level of currency making game is the best part of this mini game where you make your country money design. But be sure do not miss-use this design because this is a top secret process of currency making factory. Your correct design will help to stop the fake money from your country. After design plates print the currency notes and done the cutting of money in the money maker machine. Play money factory game to increase the economy of your country by making the currency in this fun game. Be sure bank money will not be miss-use in any condition because it’s a big responsibility for bank manager to manage all the process of a currency maker factory. When you play this currency maker game you act like a bank manager or a cashier whose responsibility to make sure the currency will be managed and deliver safely to all the banks of the country. After cutting process little manager collects all the cash from the money maker machine and count carefully. After counting currency bind in bundles and pack into a box for delivery from money factory to banks. Transport whole the money in trucks after completing the factory simulator process. This money transport carefully all around the world and local investor market. Bank currency factory fun management and cash transporter game which gave you the right place for knowledge and enjoyment. Download this bank currency maker game and find the answer that how to make money in the factory because this is a right place to known the currency making process. This bank currency factory simulator game will lead you the right enjoyment of gaming world. Play money game and enjoy the real fun of currency making factor 2018. Bank Currency Factory Features: > All the currency factory environment realistic based > You also entertain with the jungle environment > Realistic truck drive task > Multiple tools for wood cutting > Smooth and catching game play sounds > Easy game play for all ages


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