Aura Bubbles Shooter
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  •         Aura Bubbles Shooter Play the brand new bubble popping game today, hit the balls, and discover one of the most fun games to play! It’s the classic and addictiv...

Aura Bubbles Shooter

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Aura Bubbles Shooter Play the brand new bubble popping game today, hit the balls, and discover one of the most fun games to play! It’s the classic and addictive bubble shooter ? game with a twist - plenty of exciting new puzzles and challenges. Play for free, hit the bubbles and win levels! Play this unique trivia game to develop your mathematical skills anytime and anywhere for free. We want to ensure that you’ll get the most entertaining experience and enjoy the most innovative features. So take aim and blast away all the balls in this colorful retro-style adventure! Brain Training Games: Test your skills and reach the level target Bubbles Shooter. Train your brain and solve all the puzzles. Play & Win: Overcome different challenges and complete missions. Classic Gameplay: Enjoy a Bubbles Shooter classic and addicting game mode. Share the Fun: Play with family and friends and have a blast! Aura Bubbles Shooter is a perfect free brain training game! Pop bubbles according to a target score, and try to beat the challenges and solve all the riddles. Thousands of fun and relaxing levels are waiting to be solved, so you better start playing! You can swap bubbles for free, just tap on your bubble to change its color. Make sure to plan your shots and work out a strategy to pop all the colored balloons. Pop, smash, and explode colorful balloons, win amazing gifts and prizes, and complete thousands of challenging fun levels in this cool bubble shooter ? free game. Download Aura Bubbles and see the popping bubbles magic happen! This brain training fun game is a relaxing and free game that will give you endless hours of fun. Play this magical bubble shooter game, and pop bubbles with no Wifi and no internet - it’s the best popping game out there! Try out this relaxing bubble game, enjoy all the free puzzles Bubbles Shooter, create powerful combos and WIN BIG! Aura Bubbles Shooter Puzzle Features: - Classic and addicting game mode. - Free bubble swap! Just tap on your bubble to change its color. - Powerful boost to help you blast the balls and solve puzzles. - Free to play and fun game that will keep you entertained for hours! - Awesome graphics and effects, tons of colorful bubbles that will ease your mind. - Play for free today and join the balloon crushing fun! Boost your Experience with Awesome Power-ups! Charge up with amazing boosts and power-ups that will help you blast through the levels and pop Bubbles Shooter your way around tricky challenges. * Drop 10 balloons in a single shot to get a bomb that will take out the surrounding bubbles. * Pop 7 balls in a row to get a fireball that will cut through a pass. Bubble Shooter Puzzle is completely free and perfect for all ages to play and enjoy. Download now from the play store and join the fun puzzle adventure! How to Play? - Tap on the screen to drag the laser aim and lift it to hit bubbles. - Match 3 or more bubbles to pop the combo and win points. - Pop all balls to win and relax your mind. - Get extra score when bubbles fall into the black holes. - Reach high scores so you can earn three stars on every level. - Tap where you want to shoot bubble Charge up with awesome boosters that will help you blast through the levels: Pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a FIREBALL that will burn up bubbles on the way. Drop 10 bubbles or more to get a bubble BOMB that will take out surrounding bubbles. Make sure to save your magic boosts until you need them! Shoot and pop colorful bubble drops in this relaxing bubble shooter board game and work your way through all the bubble-packed puzzles and brain teasers. blast the bubbles, solve all the puzzles and win awesome boosts that will reward you with high scores and coins! Aura Bubbles is a great fun game the whole family can enjoy! Keyword: Aura Bubbles Shooter, Bubbles Shooter,Bubbles Games Shoot Bubble Deluxe Legend,Bubble Shoot Aura Bubbles Shooter, Bubbles Shooter,Bubbles Games Shoot Bubble Deluxe Legend


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