Athena: Super Girl Heroine
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  •         Join the Athena's Wonder Land with our platform arcade game - Athena: Super Girl Heroine ! The story is about Athena is the young, temperamental princess of th...

Athena: Super Girl Heroine

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Join the Athena's Wonder Land with [详情]

Join the Athena's Wonder Land with our platform arcade game - Athena: Super Girl Heroine ! The story is about Athena is the young, temperamental princess of the ancient Kingdom of Victory (also known as Holy World). Not unlike modern world teenagers, she clamors for excitement and is bored with the luxurious, sheltered life in the palace. One day, she is tempted to disobey her parents and enter the off-limits area below the castle where the Forbidden Door stands. Opening the gateway makes her fall from the heavenly kingdom to the realm below, a wild land ruled by the cruel Emperor Dante and his countless minions. The princess' only means of survival is to traverse a long dangerous road and challenge the brutal Dante herself. Alone, unarmed and stripped of her long dress, Athena is left to obtain weapons and armor and undertake her quest in order to return home in one piece. *** Athena: Super Girl Heroine *** Level of Kingdom : - World of Forest : Animalistic warriors, slimes, trolls and other creatures roam the wilderness where the princess first lands - World of Cave : Additional creature types such as large spiders and invisible magic users now stand in the way - World of Sea : Finding herself in a water-flooded gorge, the princess must swim underwater while fighting off various sea creatures - World of Sky : Takes place on a cliff face with pitfalls and varying pathways. In this area, Athena has the chance to acquire a flying item that temporarily gives her wings. - World of Ice : A frosted-over version of the earlier Forest World, with many of the same creatures, yet in this cold area they present increased challenge. - World of Hell : The frosty world is followed by the scorching World of Hell. Tougher foes like the Death Knight strive to cut down the princess and her quest. - World of Labyrinth : After Hell World, the key to the secret Labyrinth World is found - although this place may be visited earlier through the World of Sky - World of Worlds : Composed of several areas and creatures from the previous worlds, their bosses included. Dante awaits here deep into his stronghold, a huge sphinx-like creature that fights with sword and magical energy attacks. Let 's join with Athena and discover Wonder Land !!!


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